Sameer Suhail MD
Dr. Sameer Suhail

Healthcare entrepreneur, philanthropist, and investor, with years of wide-ranging experience working with specialty healthcare providers across the nation.

Who Is Sameer Suhail?

Healthcare Entrepreneur

Passionate about healthcare, Dr. Suhail spends time developing new and valuable concepts, services, and products to the healthcare field.


Dr. Suhail brings together health care providers and the community to expand innovative solutions to improving the delivery of health care.


Dr. Suhail plans to transform healthcare one investment at a time by investing in healthcare services in the communities he serves.

Dr. Sameer Suhail‘s business provide management services to a wide selection of service providers and doctor practice groups. Jointly, they provide coding, billing, and collection services, procurement of medical products and devices, outpatient pharmacy operations, and diagnostic imaging services. In addition to offering health care centers with expert staffing needs. Dr. Suhail is a leader in supplying chances in the United States for domestic and foreign experienced medical trainees and graduates through his acclaimed clinical clerkship and residency programs.

Meet Sameer Suhail

Sameer Suhail is the founder and CEO of Foresight Hospital and Health Systems – a one-of-a-kind healthcare facility providing top-quality healthcare-related services in Roanoke County, Virginia. Here he leverages his expertise as a Medical Doctor specializing in Psychiatry to help the facility’s patrons be healthier and happier with expert mental health services.

He also serves as the CEO of Metropolitan Behavioral Associates and Clinical Director at American International Clinical Group Ltd. Here he is responsible for providing a range of learning opportunities to foreign and locally-trained medical graduates and students through award-winning medical residency and clerkship programs.

However, his most important roles are those of a healthcare entrepreneur, philanthropist, and investor, with years of wide-ranging experience working with specialty healthcare providers across the nation.

Dr. Sameer Suhail is passionate about providing reliable management solutions and learning opportunities to healthcare providers, doctors, and physician practice groups. He’s devoted to offering quality healthcare to people in Virginia and Illinois, primarily rural and underserved urban communities.

Dr. Suhail's Education and Formal Training

Dr. Sameer Suhail got his undergraduate degree from Chicago State University and a medical degree (MD) from St. Christopher’s College of Medicine at El Hadji Ibrahima Niasse University in Dakar, Senegal, and American Global University.

After graduating in 2006, he established the American International Clinical Group (his maiden company) in 2007. It became a country-wide success, offering excellent employment opportunities and clinical education for hundreds and thousands of physicians throughout America. 

Dr. Suhail's Administrative and Academic Titles

Dr. Sameer Suhail is currently the CEO of Metropolitan Behavioral Associates (MBA) Psychiatric Physician Group Chicago, a group of highly trained, qualified, and learned psychiatry physicians with over 30 years of experience.

He also acts as the Clinical Director at the American International Clinical Group Ltd. His mission is to give AICG students and graduate physicians all the tools and resources needed to become ethical, selfless, committed, translational, and transformative.

Previously he was the CEO of Closer Look Imaging, LLC and a Managing Member at the Jackson Park Preferred Open MRI Center LLC (a known for Magnetic Resonance Angiography (MRA) and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scanning-diagnostic services).

Moreover, Sameer Suhail‘s entrepreneurial endeavors serve The Loretto Hospital in Chicago, improving the revenue cycle by 35% and providing quality psychiatric treatments in a predominantly low-income majority black neighborhood.

Besides administrative duties, Dr. Sameer Suhail has also excelled in the various teaching roles he has held over the years. For instance, he has served as a Human Anatomy and Physiology Instructor at the College of DuPage (DuPage County) and Moraine Valley Community College (Palos Hills).

But his most challenging role is about to begin. Dr. Sameer is starting Foresight Hospital, that’ll serve a population of over 30,000, including Stuart and local counties.

Foresight Hospital

Sameer Suhail‘s primary goal is to provide quality healthcare services to people who need them most, especially in Southwest and Southside Virginia. He’s the CEO of Foresight Health which is 100% committed to investing in opportunities that bring high-quality healthcare services to Patrick County and surrounding areas.

To achieve this goal, he will soon open doors to Foresight Hospital, operating out of the old Patrick County hospital property in Stuart, Virginia. The facility is expected to open in Jan 2023, serving over 30,000 people from Stuart and local counties.

Dr. Sameer feels very strongly about the lack of health care facilities in rural communities and is working hard to bring excellent care options to all people. As the CEO of Foresight Health, he is committed to identifying local physical and mental health needs, enhancing access to everything from in-patient care to outpatient psychiatric expertise and everything in between.

Sameer Suhail believes good healthcare treatment should be everybody’s right!

Foresight Hospital

Dr. Suhail is passionate about providing quality health care for regional communities, particularly those in underserved urban and rural neighborhoods. With multiple years of experience, Dr. Suhail is a force within the  healthcare community with zero plans on ceasing his efforts.

Foresight Health Begins Endeavor to Bring Healthcare to Rural & Urban Communities

As many Americans in both rural and urban communities know, vital healthcare services can be hard to come by in areas where there are either no hospitals, like our rural communities, or areas where there aren't enough physicians to meet healthcare demands, like our urban communities. Foresight Health, an entrepreneurial healthcare company, is looking to fix that disparity in rural and urban communities across the nation.

Community members give feedback on Patrick County hospital at town hall

Foresight Health leaders met with members of the community Monday night at Patrick County High School to receive their input on the new hospital. One of the main topics of discussion at the meeting was mental health. “If we’re talking mental health, it has broken families and broken kids. It’s very rare to find treatment. If you can’t find treatment in urban areas, imagine rural areas,” said Dr. Sameer Suhail, CEO of Foresight Health.

New Patrick County hospital leaders continue to gain feedback from community

The new owners of the currently shuttered hospital in Patrick County are continuing to gain feedback from the community on the development process moving forward. Foresight Health leaders hosted a roundtable with experts and local first responders. “Their feedback is very critical. So, we want their feedback. What do we have to do as foresight to come in and initiate new service lines?” said Sameer Suhail, Foresight CEO.